In 2007, Tecnoseeds was born to offer our services to national and international companies linked to the seed industry.


Being recognized in the seed market as a leading reference in providing services.


Providing seed production services in the agricultural market with quality and operational excellence that can meet the global growing demand for food.


Focus on the client: We listen to the client’s voice to meet their expectations, which leads to lasting relationships.

People, the reason for our succes: We value the integration and the teamwork made up by people of integrity and with the capacity to be empowered. We believe in the capacity and development of committed and inspiring leaders, with management skills in a meritocratic, collaborative and inclusive environment, promoting the personal and professional fulfillment of our people.

Integrity: For us, integrity is unquestionable. We work with transparency, ethics and commitment to the truth.

Trust: Trust is the basis for any business. In this sense, we build solid relationships through the transparency of our internal and external actions and our proven operational excellence.

Respect: We consider the impact of our actions in relation to others. We value diversity, experience and the importance of reciprocal compliance of agreements.


Quality: All our processes, which are defined and monitored according to high standards, are insured by the Quality Guarantee Tecnoseeds.

Communication: Our communication is comprehensive, orderly, clear and timely, with defined channels, internally and externally.

Security: This nonnegotiable value defines the operational limits.

Technology: It is the full domain of the necessary techniques to produce and commercialize our services, exceeding our client´s expectations.

Continuous improvement process: It is a proactive attitude in all areas, generating constant learning and exchange in activities. It encourages participation, creativity, initiative and seeks to reduce the comfort zone.

Innovation: It is the continuous search for processes, equipment and solutions that did not exist before and are now adopted, resulting in improvements in productivity, compliance and quality. Innovation promotes the creativity of all people.


Tecnoseeds was created in 2007 to cover the growing global demand of seed production services. The level of experience and know-how contributed by these two renowned firms operating in the Argentine seed industry allowed for the creation of a company aimed at offering high-quality services at every stage of the process by using state-of-the-art technology.

We started up operations at our plant located in Murphy, Sante Fe, Argentina, providing ear drying services for local firms. Afterwards, we started offering seed processing services at the plants located in Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe), Pergamino (Buenos Aires), and most recently in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Initially, our field seed production services were offered on a counter-season basis for the Northern hemisphere; later, we gradually expanded our scope to reach local seed companies.